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Weather Stripping

In an area with a lot of rain like Seattle, weather stripping is incredibly important. In addition to keeping rain and other precipitation out of the garage, it also prevents insects and other pests from wandering in. weather
While weather stripping is made to withstand quite a bit, like anything else made to stand up to the elements, the vinyl material can wear down over time.  If there are cracks at the bottom, if it is full of holes, or just generally being worn thin, it is time to call a professional to get it replaced.  

The skilled technicians at Elite Tech Garage Doors understand the importance of well-maintained weather stripping. Call us now to have an inspection and replacement of this critical protection for your garage.

Are you concerned if your weather stripping will hold up for the coming season? Call Elite Garage Door at (888)954-4421 for an inspection and replacement!

Dial (888)954-4421 for more info and service booking.

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