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Garage Door Cables Repair/Replacement

If you’ve decided to do your garage door cables replacement, the first thing that you want to do is to make sure that you have the right tools and materials for the job.  For example, you should know that your garage door size is going to be the determination factor for the size of the springs that you need.

Cables and Drums Repair - Elite Garage Door

You’ll also need tools such as:


• The replacement cable(s)
• Step Ladder (ratchet type)
• Wrenches
• Sockets
• Vice grip (or pliers that lock)
• Winding bars
• Work boots, safety glasses, and gloves
Also, you’ll want to avoid things like; wearing jewelry and loose-fitting clothing.
As far as the specific details of your garage door cables replacement, you can find a ton of information online, including step-by-step videos.  But there is one very important thing to remember when considering

The skilled technicians at Elite Garage Door understand the necessity of correctly handling and repairing this critical part of your garage door.

If your cables are beginning to fray, or you are concerned that they are not rolling properly, pick up the phone and dial (888)954-4421 today!